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Acquistion target Acquirer Transaction Date Price ($) Background on the acquisition target
Logo Name, Website Country Logo Name, Website Founded Employees Total funding Cyber Category

InfoCyte Austin, Texas, United States
Datto 20/Jan/2022 2014 Nov-50 $12,650,000 Threat Intelligence Platforms (TIPs)

Mocana Sunnyvale, California, United States
DigiCert 13/Jan/2022 2002 51-100 $95,737,075 Automotive Security * Internet of Things –

CyberMDX New York, New York, United States
ForeScout Technologies 1/Feb/2022 2017 51-100 $30,000,000 Health Care – Medical * Internet of Things * Governance, Risk and Compliance

Siemplify New York, New York, United States
Google 4/Jan/2022 $500,000,000 2015 101-250 $58,000,000 SOAR * Risk Posture – Security monitoring and presentation * Security Policy and Response Orchestration Platforms

Iconic IT Dallas, Texas, United States
Integris 25/Jan/2022 2019 101-250 Managed Security Service (MSSP)

Technology Resource Advisors, Inc Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
ITsavvy 6/Jan/2022 2006 11-50 Managed Security Service (MSSP)

Dathena Science Singapore, Central Region, Singapore
Proofpoint 10/Jan/2022 2016 101-250 $12,000,000 Governance, Risk and Compliance * Privacy * Data Governance and Classification

SecurityTrails Los Angeles, California, United States
Recorded Future 4/Jan/2022 $65,000,000 2017 11-50 eDiscovery * Security Ratings

Cygilant Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Silversky 10/Jan/2022 2001 101-250 $34,049,999 Managed Security Service (MSSP) * SIEM

Veracode Burlington, Massachusetts, United States
TA Associates 15/Mar/2022 $2,500,000,000 2006 501-1000 $114,260,328 Web Application Scanning services * Web Application Firewalls (WAF) * Secure Code Review / SAST / DAST * Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) * Vulnerability Assessment

QOS Networks Irvine, California, United States
Zayo 12/Jan/2022 2012 51-100 Network Traffic Analysis and Forensics * Software Defined WAN (SDwan)

Tetra Defense Madison, Wisconsin, United States
Arctic Wolf 1/Feb/2022 2016 101-250 $3,000,000 Incident management * Managed Security Service (MSSP) * Vulnerability Assessment

Swivel Secure Wetherby, York, United Kingdom
Bio-Key International 3/Feb/2022 2000 51-100 Authentication * Cloud-Based Remote Access VPN * Cloud Authentication platform

Area 1 Security Redwood City, California, United States
Cloudflare 23/Feb/2022 $162,000,000 2013 51-100 $82,500,000 Secure Email

Spectral Tel Aviv-yafo, Tel Aviv, Israel
CloudGuard 1/Feb/2022 $60,000,000 2020 11-50 $6,200,000 DevOps Security

Point3 Security Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Cyber Capital Partners 22/Feb/2022 2014 11-50 Vulnerability Assessment * Regulations, Awareness and Training

CYR3CON Tempe, Arizona, United States
Cyber Security Works 15/Mar/2022 2016 11-50 $9,700,000  Threat Intelligence Platforms (TIPs) * Security Ratings * Virtual Container Security * Cloud Compliance and Security Risk Platforms

Cybersprint The Hague, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands
Darktrace 23/Feb/2022 $53,701,139 2015 11-50 $3,002,510 * Threat Intelligence Platforms (TIPs) * Brand & Attack Target Monitoring *

Eperi Pfungstadt, Hessen, Germany
Equistone Partners Europe 22/Feb/2022 2003 11-50 $640,002 * Cloud Access Security Brokers * Cloud Protection Gateways * Cloud Authentication platform *

AlertLogic Houston, Texas, United States
HelpSystems 9/Mar/2022 2002 501-1000 $387,311,845 Managed Detection & Response (MDR) * MSSP * Vulnerability Assessment SOAR * Governance, Risk and Compliance * Network Intrusion Prevention * Web Application Firewalls (WAF)

Caretower London, England, United Kingdom
Integrity360 24/Feb/2022 1998 101-250 Managed Security Service (MSSP) * Network Security as a Service Governance, Risk and Compliance * Threat Intelligence Services * Virtualization Security * Secured Mobile

Zimperium San Francisco, California, United States
Liberty Strategic Capital 28/Mar/2022 $525,000,000 2010 101-250 $72,000,000 Secured Mobile 

Silobreaker London, England, United Kingdom
Marlin Equity Partners 19/Jan/2022 2005 11-50 * Security database (malware and exploits)

Security On-Demand San Diego, California, United States
Nautic Partners 20/Jan/2022 2002 101-250 $3,400,000 Managed Security Service (MSSP)

Exonar Reading, Reading, United Kingdom
NowVertical Group 16/Mar/2022 2007 11-50 $9,990,482 Data Governance and Classification

Hysolate Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
Perception Point 30/Mar/2022 2016 11-50 $45,000,000 Process Isolation/Virtualization * Application Isolation

SecurityDAM Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
Radware 17/Feb/2022 $30,000,000 2012 11-50 Vulnerability Assessment * Denial of Service Protection

Attivo Networks Fremont, California, United States
SentinelOne 15/Mar/2022 $616,500,000 2011 101-250 $60,108,747 Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) * Threat Deception Technologies * SOAR * Threat Intelligence Platforms (TIPs)

StrongSalt San Jose, California, United States
SIMBA Chain 15/Feb/2022 2015 1-10 $4,100,000 Privacy * Database Encryption * File/Folder Encryption

Cymptom Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
Tenable 1/Feb/2022 2019 11-50 $4,000,000 Governance, Risk and Compliance * Security Ratings * Vulnerability Resolution Platforms

Quadrant Information Security Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Worklyn Partners 26/Jan/2022 2011 11-50 Managed Security Service (MSSP)

Mandiant Alexandria, Virginia, United States
Google 8/Mar/2022 $5,400,000,000 2004 1001-5000 $70,000,000 Threat Intelligence Platforms (TIPs)